Xbox / PS4 account live tracking on PC APP?


I installed the app with the hope that i can keep my laptop close to my console and link my activision/xbox account in the desktop app and track all my progress and also the live match option to be present. Unfortunately there is no possibility to track the progress on the desktop app from the console account.
I would like to suggest this option for future and i believe it will be highly appreciate by an huge amount of users.
Great job in greating such app and good luck in your future development!
Thank you !

Hey, thanks for that. I’m wondering if you tried keeping the site open to we are able to track your matches well enough to create more accurate progression for you? Are there things in the app you are not seeing on the site?

Thank you.

im having the same problem i can pull up my stats on the browser but how do i get them to show on the app?

The app is PC only, that’s why you can’t show it in the app. Is there something on the website that is missing for you?