Xdefiant kills not tracking

Yesterday I hoped on starting with 11,471 smg kills, I counted the total kills that I got in the session last night and it was 500+ smg kills yet it hasn’t tracked to my total, so 12k+ kills

I am number 1 for LMG kills and got at least 1000 kills yesterday with not a single kill got updated I hope they fix this soon

Are you still number 1? Cause maybe it’s an issue for everyone

I mean technically yes because until the leaderboard is fixed and updated I am stuck at 1st place :rofl::rofl::rofl: but that’s what makes this so frustrating as there is only a few hundred kills seperating us in the top 3 and no way to know how many kills anyone has got in the last couple of days

@Flerpy666 @JBxrnezy

Looking into it