Your website is compromised

As of the last few days, your website is compromised. I keep getting different phishing pop-ups that take over the site and redirect to various obvious malware sites while I’m trying to browse stats. The kind that requires closing the browser to get rid of, back button does not work.

Just a FYI.

Could you provide us with the domain that this is happening on? Which region do you live in? Are you on mobile or desktop?

I’m in the US, NE region. Happening on desktop site, haven’t tried it on mobile. Seems to happen after loading 5 or more statistic categories in a row. I’ve only had the problem on this site, so I figured it’s on your end, but I’m no expert.

The site it usually takes me to is what I assume is a fake McAfee Virus scan ‘click here to scan’. But there were at least 2 other sites with a similar theme.

Also I’m using Chrome without any pop-up blockers.

Can you provide the URL to the site? We have multiple.

Not specifically that statistic, but while browsing leaderboards is when it happens.