401 on hitting the api

Hey everyone! Just registered an app with tracker.gg to get an api key for testing purposes. I am trying to hit CS:GO api as displayed on the website, providing the “TRN-Api-Key” as well, however i keep getting 401 response with “message”: “Invalid authentication credentials”. I tried sending a request through the website dashboard using “try it out” button, but pressing “Make a request” doesn’t do anything Could someone please help with this issue?

Also realised that sending the request from the tracker.gg dashboard resultsin 401 as well. Is there a delay between registering an app the api key getting activated?

I’m assuming you asked this question in our discord too. Closing the ticket.

If this was a mistake, please read the pinned message in the “#trn-api” channel in our discord: discord.gg/trackernetwork