5th time its happened

my streak ends although ive been playing matches (timezone AEDT)

You have to check in by opening the app to claim your XP each day. Without checking in/opening the app, the XP will not be collected on the same day it was earned. Can you confirm you’ve been doing this?

Yes I have.

I have the following checkins logged for you:

2024-01-30 22:14:55.231388 AEST
2024-02-01 00:51:13.636586 AEST

Are you sure you used the app on the 31st? It looks like you used the app late evening of the 31st, but was of course logged as the 1st of Feb because it was after 12am.

i swear i used it earlier in the day after i played the game

Ok, I’ve fixed your streak as a courtesy. I suggest equipping a streak shield in the future just in case. I’ve also identified an issue, not a bug but a way we can improve tracking a bit to try to prevent this from happening.