A player griefing the june challenge



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Can you advise how they are greifing? from what I can see they appear to be just playing normally.

Any info would be appreciated.

Thank you

Look the matches, he stay afk to lose purposefully and he plays for top 1 in low elo, now he is in the iron iv and he stacks 29 wins in two days.

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He haves 543 matches, yesterday he was Bronze II now he is Iron IV with 23 lose in top 8, does not make sense.

yes yes, he is playing normally, exactly at 10 minutes and 10 seconds giving surrender in all matches

Hello? Now he have 71 wins.

I understand your concerns however we do not handle in-game bans; we will monitor the onsite action however anything in-game we have zero impact on.

he is using greifing to be able to have easier victories, there is no way he is playing normally, surrendering in 10 minutes every game and then getting victories! This takes away the competitiveness and credibility of the site and the challenge!

Okay having monitored this situation you’re right he is clearly abusing certain elements here.

Given the challenge is specifically ‘who can win the most’ i’m going to flag this with the team for you; the abuse has clearly ramped up so thank you for providing more information.

Two more days to end this challenge and he not removed already, he have 102 wins.
It doesn’t make sense

Hi, I’ve passed it to the relevant dev. I’ll chase an update for you in the morning. Sorry