Add faceit support for CS2

I like your stats for premier in cs2, but i play primarily faceit. So is there a way you could add similar stats for faceit matches?

Hi, glad you’re enjoying the Premier stats! :slight_smile:

Are you talking about live match FACEIT stats with our desktop app, or just general viewing of FACEIT match stats?


Hello !
+1 for this thread.
I hope about tracking my faceit game in cs2 (in the apps for me).

I don’t think it’s possible right now because i see only Premier game in my board.

ty !

Hello again.
My bad for answering late, i did not realize i had gotten a response.

I would like the “matches” tab at “…” to show the match history for both faceit matches as well as the current premier matches. At the moment it only shows premier matches. Similarly the stats like KAST, kills, K/D, HS% etc. also only show from premier. I would love for all of these stats to be available for faceit matches as well.

In addition to the matches tab i would also like the “Overview” tab to show overall stats (combined faceit + premier), as well as individual sections for viewing stats for only premier or only faceit.

As for general FACEIT stats tracking, we’ll reach out to FACEIT and see if they’ll provide us match replays. We use match replays to generate stats for each match.
If are successful, we wouldn’t combine Premier and FACEIT stats together, it’d be a separate tab on the profile page.

@DroogyPlus does our in-game app work during live FACEIT matches? I’ve never tested this myself.