ADR has two values, which one is correct?

So, when you go to someone’s Valorant Tracker profile, you see ADR (Average Damage per Round) as one of their tracked stats up top. When you scroll down to the matchlist, you see ADR per the individual matches. However, when you click and go to the match page itself, the ADR is different. This ADR displayed on the match page and the list for that match are not the same. The ADR listed on the matchlist is the same one that is displayed for me ingame if I check the match page there.

However, the value on the match page on Valorant Tracker is always different, sometimes by like a 100. eg. 223 ADR turns into 129. 209 turns into 118. 140 turns into 120. It makes no sense and I don’t get what the value on match page actually represents, since it’s always different than ingame and not the one being tracked across all matches by Tracker. So, can someone help me out? I found no information on this online.

EDIT: Three example pictures of the same match.

Top left is from ingame (223 ADR), top right is the match list on Tracker (223 ADR) and bottom right is the match page on Tracker (129 ADR). Notice the values being very different, including a Sage having ADR of 152, ~18% better than me despite having less than half the ACS (Average Combat Score). In theory this is possible by just having A LOT of damage without them being finished off for assists but that’d be a very weird outlier and having actually played the match, I can say with utmost certainty that it wasn’t the case.

good catch, i’ll make sure it gets fixed as soon as possible

I caught another error that might contribute to the Sage’s higher ADR. On the match page, Overview part where you can click on a player to see all the damage they dealt and took from different players. On my team’s sage, MasterLevel, it shows a round where she killed herself for 1 kill and 999 damage. Not sure if this is related but it’s an oddity for sure.

the ADR mismatch should be now fixed

It’s still not correct. Check the response I made in this thread and check the Overviews of both Breach and Sage on my (Masat) team on that match. It shows it counts an extra 999 damage with 1 kill against themselves and counts this for ADR of the whole match, which is quite a hefty contribution. Unless you also fixed this bug and it doesn’t retroactively fix past matches.

EDIT: Screenshot where you can see Breach has 17 kills on the scoreboard but has 18 (9+9 on Defense+Attack) in the Overview for killing themselves (which is counted as a 6th enemy) once for 999 damage.

i meant the initial issue, not the follow-up

Roger that. I communicated that in a very harsh manner, I didn’t mean it as a demand or impatience. I just wanted to make sure you had seen it. I really appreciate all that your team do to make this site work as well as it does. Cheers!

no no, dont worry, im currently in the process of screaming at someone for that bug

Lmao, carry on then.