Apex account is not showing on regional leaderboard

Hey there I’ve got a problem with my account not being on the regional leaderboard I already tried setting my Region to Germany multiple times and it said that it got saved I did it already some days ago and I tried it today but yeah still nothing :frowning:

I should be #11 on PlayStation in Germany with my Kills in Season 19

And I should be #1 on Germanys leaderboard for Horizon Kills in season 19 on PlayStation at least if I compare it to the other tracked Horizons cause there’s non lmao

My TRN profile↓


I would also like to thank those who will help me fix the problem in advance

You need to play matches with the ‘Season 19 kills’ tracker equipped for Horizon to appear on that specific leaderboard.

We don’t have many (if any at all) who have used this tracker yet as it’s very deep into the seasonal battlepass.

We can only see data from trackers players have equipped.

Once you own this & play matches with it, this issue will be resolved