Apex legends arena stash

I’ve been going to look at Arena updates for days but they never appear. Currently, I have configured several things on the account but they still do not appear.

Arenas is a new competitive game mode but the launch was in season 9 so it seems very strange that the “TRN” has not added this information to the profiles to make the Tracker.

Oh :expressionless:

Hi @inanna33,

Could you be more specific please? We support Arenas stats since Season 9 and Arenas ranks since Season 10. What exactly do you expect to see on the website?

Hello, thanks ans sorry, I lost the message between the email.

If you look the link, the account is configured in different ways so that TRN can show the information of the ARENAS. If you observe in CURRENT RATING, Ranges and Arenas in Bronce appear and currently I am gold ranks in both modes. But I also can not see the legends info of the Arenas mode.

Thank you!


play one or two ranked arena matches and update your profile after each one, the rank should update