Apex Legends Origin Profile doesn´t update

Hi, my Apex Origin profile doesn´t update. I changed my EA Account name a couple days ago, but since it didn´t automatically update it on TRN, I manually unlinked it and tried to link it again afterwards. It then gave me the error that the profile couldn´t be found for a couple of times until it accepted it. now the account is searchable, but still under the old name and it doesn´t show as my account ie I can´t claim it. Also on my profile page the origin profile link doesn´t seem to be verified although I believe that it used to be in the past (before I changed my ea account name). Could somebody manually check my account? Maybe it has something to do with me using the ea app instead of origin as I was forced of origin a couple months ago. I also had issues with this on other tracker websites.


Hi, EA/Origin can sometimes take a long time to update us on your username change. Unfortunately there’s nothing we can do. It’ll update eventually.