[Apex Legends] Sign into xbox on app after changing name

So before i changed my name i downloaded tracker network and frequently used it. But soon after i changed my name, i tryed to log in amd when it says connected account and i see my old username. But when i click it it looks for my old account and says they cant find it. Please helpppp!

Hi @AbusingMyR99,

Are you talking about our mobile app? Please could you provide me your old + new gamertag?


Hey! So i was talking about the mobile app. My old username was Linear Josh then i switched it to AbusingMyQ then to AbusingMyR99 (my current one). Please fix! Thank you!

Hey @AbusingMyR99!

This issue should now be fixed! If you’re on Android, you can try force-killing the app, and reopening it and you should see your new username. On iOS, you’re probably going to have to re-link your profile locally, which you can do by going to More → Settings and you should see an option to switch your profile. If you don’t see your new username, the cache might not be cleared so you might have to wait 5 more minutes or so. If after 5 minutes it still doesn’t work, let us know.