Apex tracker problem

I am using IOS and it’s not putting on my kills or my damage in the app

Hi @GalaxyGamer451,

Would you mind being more specific on what’s incorrect? If your kills or damage is not being updated per legend, you need to equip the kills/damage trackers in-game and then look-up your profile on our app/site to update them.

Hello, I also have a similar problem. I am a 19,000 kill Caustic from the US and on Xbox and my kills don’t even get me ranked. But I should fall around #26 or #27 or something like that. Can you tell me why my name doesn’t even show up? GT-RagingRedReaper

Hi @RagingRedReaper,

That’s a different issue, I’ve added the issue to our to-do-list.

It’s not letting me link my origin or my PlayStation to the leaderboard. I Deleted it because it wasn’t showing up anyways. You need to fix it completely cause right now it’s a HUGE

Everything was fine season 18 of Apex, Season 19 comes out and I’m no longer anywhere to be found on the leaderboard, I deleted my account after that and tried to link my PlayStation and my origin but they’re not popping up when I enter them in. I can link steam and that’s it. Huge mess.