Apex trackers showing wrong stats

It is showing wrong stats for my characters. Its says my lifetime kills is 1235 but i have over 2500 kills with caustic alone! How do i fix this?

Hi @Hurb_beezoo,

Could you give us a link to your profile on our website and show a screenshot of your stats in the game menu?

Do you have a link i could send it to?

You can send it in this topic.

  1. You have to update all legends one by one (Limitations outside of our control)
  2. Make sure you have the kills trackers equipped ingame while updating.
  3. The only kill trackers currently not working are the newest Valk/Horizon trackers from this weeks event

If you provide your account link and a screenshot of your account with the trackers on we can better review this for you

can i please do this too? ALL MY STATUS ARE WRONG like seriously all my status are wrong on here. every single one of them. both battle royal and arenas. it’s been at the same numbers for the last month or so. PLEASE FIX THIS. I SHOULD BE RANKED IN TOO 10-20 in the world for bangalore damage and kills & possibly even for wins too. it’s like all my credit and hard work isn’t paying off at allllll. kinda pissing me off.

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Hello mine have been wrong for a few seasons, 6+ months I think, it has my current level & my current kills with Lifeline but don’t have my current kills on shift else, fit instance Wraith has 800 & somethin when I currently have over 1040 something, Horizon has 77 when she currently has 200 plus, Ash has 800 something when she has over 900 close to 1000, I emailed about this but haven’t heard anything from the initial response. I’ll take screenshots today & well send em

For some reason it it keeps saying error when I try to upload my screen shots