App display isn't fitting the app itself

Hard to explain, but the app is showing bigger than the window size is, and unable to resize it. First image is opening the app by itself. (Can’t send a second image as a new user) but in R6 siege app, the window looks the same way and cuts off the setting button, minimize button, and x button on the top right of the R6 tracker window.

I tried the topic that was pinned on the top that seems relating to this issue, but it’s not a small screen, just the app itself is bigger then the window its shown in.
Let me know if I should try anything else to troubleshoot.


Have you tried this guide?

yeah that was the guide I tried, no dice.

At this time, I’m not sure what else to suggest other than carefully reading the guide again. I’ve never heard anyone say that guide hasn’t helped.

The issue is related to using DPI scaling values over 100%. Officially we don’t support higher scaling values.