App don't detect my Riot account for LOL and TFT


I trying to linked my tracker account on the mobile app. I’m on Android.
My Riot account is already referenced on my tracker account but I can’t use “My Profile” on the app for LOL and TFT. But that worked for Valorant.
I’ve already try to uninstall the app and unlink my Riot account of my tracker account but nothing is working.
Thanks for you responses :muscle:

Hey @sumachou!

We are looking into this. For now, you can manually add your profile by searching it, and once you find it and tap on it, in the top right you’ll see 3 vertical dots, and you should be able to claim it locally there and it’ll appear in your “My Profile” tab.

Hey @sumachou,

When your trying to link to LOL or TFT does the Select Platform slide over menu show your Riot account?

Hey ! No it doesn’t show me my Riot account.