Ban Removal from my hijacked account

Hello, My Ubisoft account was compromised on February 11th, I have multi emails through Ubisoft working to get my account back which they did do, They did a investigation and saw that I was not the one banned for cheating but the person that hijacked my account was and the unbanned me after a permaban was given to the hacker. I lost access from 11th of February till March 8th My ban was on the 24th of February. I can provide proof that it was not me that did the cheating via ubisoft. I have never cheated and I never plan to but seeing a ban on my account that I never even did hurts my soul. I am requesting that my ban be removed so I can be back on leaderboards and to also remove from my profile.
I have screenshots of conversation ready as its from a case that I had to open, also have emails of the emails when my account was logged in and email/password was changed