Ban shows up on app

Is it possible to remove the ban on the stat tracker app I had a previous ban that hasn’t been in effect for a couple of seasons


We do not remove bans unless Ubisoft has confirmed directly that another user’s account was stolen/hijacked and then used for malicious activity OR a ban was applied in error.

If you request that we remove your ban history, please provide evidence of your account login activity and chat records with Ubisoft for that period.

We are not currently removing ANY ban without solid evidence.

You’re welcome to provide your evidence here; or email me [email protected] - I typically review ban requests over weekends/monday so if you get this over today i’ll review for you.


Alright I just opened a case with Ubisoft but I was trying to go around that since they have a tendency to take forever to reply with an Ai generated response I will let you know when they get back to me