Banned by mistake

My Rainbow Six Siege account was banned by mistake but that’s no longer the case. However, it still shows as banned on your website. Any solutions?

@larbilux We do not remove bans unless Ubisoft has confirmed directly that an account was stolen/hijacked by another user and then used for malicious activity OR a ban was applied in error.

In most cases, the first ban of an account is a temporary ban for seven days; after those seven days, you could play again. (Basically a warning) - While the game will allow players to keep using their account, we would still leave the ban notice within the account history as it is accurate in most cases.

If you wish for the ban tag to be removed from your profile, you will need to provide evidence for review.

Thank you

I am currently playing with my account without any problems? Note: the ban I received is a permanent ban and not a warning, indicating that my account was banned mistakenly by Ubisoft. so im asking you what evidence are you requesting? so i can send it to you

@larbilux Temp bans still leave a marker on the account, which we can see :); thus, the account history or ‘Ban history’ we display is accurate.

We only remove markers when applied in error or by another individual due to a compromised account.