Banned for 3rd party apps on RIOT

Hello TRN. First off. Why do we need to be premium members to submit email support tickets?

Anyways. Let me explain to you a little background on my account.

I’ve been playing LOL since 2011. When they announced they’ll be releasing the BETA for Valorant through twitch stream drops I was lucky to snag a key. Really fun to play coming from CSGO. Got some of the BETA skins and the other cosmetic stuff while playing the game in BETA. Time goes by and I haven’t touched this game in years in ages until last month. Since I forgot some of my lineups and I’m a stat freak I decided to download Valorant tracker. From my knowledge other streamers/youtubers talk about this app so I decided to give it a try. It’s like Blitz/Meta TFT etc where they have guides for the games.

A couple weeks later I try logging in and I get hit with the 3rd party app ban. After some back and forth with Riot, apparently they’re not allowed to tell me WHAT got me banned other than it was a 3rd party app.

I’m a car broker during the day. I have credit applications, DL’s, insurance cards, CC info etc from all my clients. I keep my computer very clean since I store all my client info right here. The only app I downloaded in the last 4 months was Valorant Tracker. Someone has explaining to do.

I lost my Valorant account from the BETA because of you guys and RIOT will not change their verdict. I’ve had a RIOT account since 2011 before Valorant. Been playing CS Source since 05. Never cheated then. Why would I start now lol

Hi, sorry to hear about your ban, but we can assure you it was not caused by our app. I’ve attached an article with more details.