BF 2042 stats not updating

Hey there,
I’ve had an issue for quite some time where my stats won’t update for battlefield 2042. It’s stuck on level 38 when my actual rank is somewhere around S130. My user name is kane_5656 and I play on PS5. My PS user settings are set to share data but it still won’t update. Any ideas?



This was happening to me, I had to clear the site data cookies and cache for the site in my browser. Hopefully this helps you.

Thanks for the help and advice! I’m not 100% sure where to find the data you mentioned to clear it though. Where exactly is it?

Make sure ur share usage data is on in the in game options too

Yeah that’s definitely been on the whole time. For whatever reason it won’t work

At the bottom of ur stats page on tracker site on bf2042 does it show that uve played in the past 15 days? Should be a line goin up and down on that graph that says kills or kd next to graph on bottom left hand site of the page

The graphs are empty. It shows this error where they should be.

These graphs are populated by data we collect when you visit our site. Visit our site daily, or leave your profile open, to get the best possible data tracking

I have sharing enabled in the PS5 settings so not sure why it’s not picking it up.

yea mate that is also happening to me and idk how do fix it

I’ve been trying to work it out for ages. I’ve got no idea what’s happening. It’s really annoying though. I’m up to s204 now and it still says I’m level 38