Bug report on starting!

When I tried logging my account with my VSPNI ID it still links to a different account when it’s not mine and I keep deleting it. It’s saying my account is “drivingTrout3580” when that’s not me. So I tried using other options but it’s linked it to that and it won’t let me delete that user completely so it keeps comming back. So is there a support chat I can go to? Or an email to connect the support to fix the problem or just wait for a response on here? If anyone can help they will be great thank you.

Hi @Bradley0702,

Could you please clarify what exactly happens when you unlink the profile “drivingTrout3580”? Does it appear again after you refresh the page? If not, does it only appear again when you try to link a different profile?

When I try to link a different account it somehow links it to that.

In our experience, it usually happens when users change their linked accounts in the same browser. Could you try to link your account using a different browser (or in incognito mode in your current browser) or device if you have not already done so?

I have just tried what you have told me and it did not work.