Can I do web scraping?

Hello. I recently found out that the Fortnite tracker API was gone and I was wondering if I could get any information.
When I looked into it, I found something called Web Scraping, which apparently gives you information.
However, I have the following concerns.
・ Don’t get it in the first place (maybe that’s what the API was for)
・Load the Fortnite Tracker server? (It’s going to take a lot of work out of the service, and it’s going to be a lawsuit.)
and other concerns.
Is web scraping possible? Thank you and best regards,


Thank you for asking before going ahead. We don’t permit web scraping as it costs us money, puts load on our services and slows everything down for legit users. We actively block web scrapers, so it won’t be a reliable way to collect data anyways.

There are alternate Fortnite API providers that should be able to provide what you need.


Thank you for your answer. I understand. I will look for other services.