Can’t find username on r6 tracker

My username is xTyier— I can’t find it on r6 tracker for some reason I’m on PlayStation console my old name was xTyier I use capital is in my usernames but just showed low case so you didn’t think it’s an L

Hi, Ubisoft themselves say a playstation account with that username does not exist.

Can you double check in-game what your PSN name is? Alternatively, can you give me your Ubisoft Connect name that is linked to your PSN account (everyone has this).


same here on the website i can find my psn account but on the app for the computer i cant find my psn one

Hi, that’s not related to this issue. The pc desktop app can only support pc players.

is the a app like the pc we can get for console player

Yes my psn is xTyier— and the Ubisoft name linked is xTyier. I’m not sure why I can’t find it on r6 tracker I can find it on other tracking apps just this one not sure why.

I looked up your connected accounts from your Ubisoft Connect account xTyier. Ubisoft says your psn is zTyIer--, not xTyier—.