Cannot link Origin account to TRN

I messed pelase help.

  • I created a TRN account and I mistyped the email then the website tell me to change to new email and I tried to change it.
  • When I got the verify email I click on the link it give me but it show up as login page and I can’t remember my password.
  • I can’t select forgot password because it won’t let me change the email so I’m stuck rn.
  • I created new TRN account with correct email but my Origin account cannot link to new account because it’s already linked to my old one.

Hi, @Belmodz. Can you please confirm your old TRN name with the Origin ID linked? If suitable, we will unlink it for you.

Thank you

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My old TRN name is Belmodz and linked to Origin : Belmodz
Thank you. <3


I’ve asked the team to unlink that Origin ID for you; i’ll let you know when this is done.


@Belmodz - Origin ID is now unlinked for you :slight_smile:


Thanks you so much. <3