Cannot reconnect account

So i downloaded the tracker and i was looking around and i clicked the disconnect account, I dont know how to reconnect, I have tried re-downloading but all of the information is still blank and it will not show any stats. Home screen just says “new agent” on my name. Is there a way to fix?

Hi @metakait,

Have you tried to restart Valorant? You may need to check your in-game privacy settings as well to detect your account:

I am having the same issue, my valorant tracker is open after i open the game but it does not show any live match stats or previous match stats, doesnt link to my account at all. the privacy settings are all off in valorant and ive tried restarting and redownloading

Hello @LuffySenpai and welcome to the TRN forums.

You might want to try launching in the following order:

  • Overwolf
  • Tracker App
  • Valorant

You’ll then need to play a match in Competitive, Unrated, or Spike Rush to automatically detect your profile.

If that’s not working, make sure your Overwolf Overlay is enabled in the Overwolf App settings:


Finally, if all of that doesn’t help, please use the below guide to send in your Overwolf logs so someone from the TRN team can check in with the people at Overwolf to see if there’s an issue with your app/computer/connection, etc.

trying now thanks
if not ill send in the logs

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what email should i send it to?

Post the logs as instructed by this message:

(click the arrow in the top right hand corner of the quote box to expand the message, or click the title to be taken directly to the message to see the full contents)