Cannot sign in on desktop app

I have signed in on the website with my account signed in with riot through the app and launched games with the app open none of which has worked.

Hi @Unrated7,

You should see your nickname on the left side of the main window if the app was able to detect your profile automatically. Could you tell us please if you can see it there? If so, there is a chance that we do not have your stats yet. Please find your profile on our website ( and send us a link to it.

my profile
and no on the left window it just says New Agent

Could you check please that Overwolf Overlay is enabled in the app settings?


If it is enabled but the app still cannot detect your profile, please send us your logs to help us understand the issue:

i keep logging in but it wont register my account. ive tried restarting my PC and it just keeps saying “New Agent”
im confused. :expressionless:

Hi @heathaa,

You need to play a match to detect your profile automatically. If it does not work for you, could you read my message above and send us your logs please?

Please make sure that the streamer mode is disabled in the game settings. Most probably, the app cannot recognize your profile because your nickname is hidden from the app.

thats what i thought too so i disabled it and i restarted everything last night and it still didnt work
ill try again a little later tonight though

I cannot sign in on my account it just says New Agent were the profile should be i have streamer mode and everything off

I got onto Valorant tracker fine but when I was looking around I must have misclicked or clicked the wrong button to great a new agent or somthing and now can’t get back into my normal stats everything is just 0-0-0?!

I got into my account on my phone but on the desktop Valorant tracker it says New Agent where my name whould be.

I have the same problem.

@Slffur Have you tried the following:

  • Open Overwolf
  • Open the Tracker app
  • Open Valorant
  • Play a game of Spike Rush to get the Tracker app to load your profile