Cant claim account. cant link accounts

so im trying to link my accounts. they say they are linked, but when i go click claim account on my steam account stats nothing happens. it just takes me to my profile account linked account page. my steam does say its connected. but its not. that claim account button is still there and i have no control over that account. i want to be on the canadian leaderboard but im not. i update geo settings to canada says its good buts its not none of my shit is showing up as canadian. im not on the canadian leaderboard for conduit kills when i should be in second place.

my steam name is “SCUM” my origin name is “scummyy” i think there needs to be a better profile page instead of just some generic settings that dont really do anything? i wish it took me to a page that showed me my main apex account? i just want to see what exactly my profile is connected to because linking doesnt work. it says they are linked on my account but claiming the profile doesnt work. this website is just a big mess

Okay, this is a pretty easy fix.

Simply go to the profile linking page: Tracker Network - Manage Linked Accounts (

Enter your Origin ID into the Origin ID box (scummyy) this will fix your issues.

I can see your account is already setup under the Candian Geo location so all you need to do is link your Origin ID and you’ll appear on the leaderboards as you wish.

Thank you

that doesn’t work

nvm i just linked it. it doesnt work if i click your link i had to scroll to find my name in the leaderboards, clicked my account “scum” then i clicked “claim profile”
it took me to the linking page as usual and then i entered my origin name. it worked that way

its odd tho. i tried to link it this way a few days ago and claiming my profile would do nothing. anyway i think its working now. i now can edit my profile