Can't find apex account

Hi @hugedickman,

Your profile should be available now:

Hi @oaemon,

Is P0werful#2219 your actual Xbox username? I noticed that you linked a different Xbox account to your Tracker Network account:

hello, no that is not my acount the acount name is qumou with a lowercase and i cant find it

@LostBlood hello I also can’t find my account it’s NeruKajitsu on Origin

@LostBlood Yes, I own two Xboxes and pay for two gamertags. So my little brother and I can play together. My primary gamertag is oaEMon the secondary gamertag is P0werful#2219. P0werful#2219 is used by my brother. Is there an issue with using to look up more than one account?

can’t find my account too my origin DireKhalid

Hi @zeendetta,

Your profile should be available now:

@oaemon Could you open this page (“Choose your new gamertag” on the Xbox website) or this page (Xbox profile) and check the gamertag of your brother? It looks like we do not support gamertag suffixes right now. There is a chance that your brother has a gamertag without a suffix if you visit those pages.


Hi @DireKhalid,

Your profile is not available right now. Have you changed your nickname recently?

help i cant find origin username my user name is RandomPLX

Yah was PandaIVIan on origin

@DireKhalid It looks like the game database has not been updated yet, you probably need to wait a bit longer before your new nickname becomes available on the website.

Thanks for your help @LostBlood! :slight_smile: The name there is P0werful with the #2219 faded out. I assume that means there are at least 2,219 people with the Xbox gamertag of P0werful. Doesn’t look like any of the P0werful users are on

The profile might become available by removing the suffix. Does it look like the profile you have been trying to find?

hey my profile noahguy0 on origins is nowhere to be found on the site. Could you possibly help me find my account?

hey could you help me find my account? My origins name is noahguy0 having a hard time finding it.

Hi @noahguy0,

Is it your profile?

hey my profile EQlipsEE on origins is nowhere to be found on the site. Could you possibly help me find my account?

thanks dude for helped me so fast,
i love this sevices