Can't find apex account

I am pretty new to the sight and even though I have my Xbox account linked to this account I can’t find my stats on apex, I tried searching up my username on every platform (Wattson TNC) and it still didn’t work? Could anyone help me? Thanks

Hi @WattsonTNC,

I think this is your profile:

There are some technical issues in Apex Legends which is why your profile might be unavailable when you search for it. In this case, please use the link above.

Okay, thank you very much

i cant find mine either, its Yakuj0 im pretty sure but no results when i look it up in the system

Hi @Yakujo,

If you play on PC, I think this is your profile:

I cant find my profile either, my name on apex is scottric

Hi @scottric,

What is your platform (Origin, PlayStation or Xbox)?

I play on PC through steam

Are you using your Origin nickname to find your stats? We have no Steam support in Apex Legends at the moment.

Yes, my name on origin was scottric as well. Since my name wasn’t working I just changed my origin name to Scotty6300, and I still can’t find my stats

Any update? Still can’t find my stats

hey I can’t find my account either, my xbox name is

Cant find my account either : ThunderMelonOG

Hi @scottric,

Sorry, it took some time. Please use the link below to get access to your Apex Legends stats:

Hi @ttwinklenutz,

It looks like you are using non-English letters to search for your stats. Please use the link below instead:

Hi @thundermelon,

What is your platform (Origin, Xbox or PlayStation)?

Can’t find my Xbox account on here



hey there, posting here for a friend on xbox. we can’t seem to find his account on apex tracker
XBOX GT: xHii Im Paul

Hi @MichaelScarn982,

Your profile is available now:

Hi @shakey,

Is it your friend’s profile?