Can't find my profile on RL tracker?

My epic games ID is “SmellDemFlavors” but I can’t find my profile searching it on the rl tracker website.
Any idea?

Hello @Shiba and welcome to the TRN forums!

Can you head over to the Epic Games site and log in (it’s at the top right of the page)? After you log in, your username will appear where the login button was. Can you confirm your username matches what you see after signing in?

Yeah it’s correct, no idea why it’s not showing my profile. Says not found for a friends account also

I wonder if you’re having a similar issue to this person who posted earlier this year:

Unfortunately, there wasn’t a solution posed in that thread.

To be sure, you’re playing on the Epic Games store version of RL, correct?

Also, what happens when you sign in with Epic Games on the main page to search?

doesn’t load up my profile to be tracked either in rl tracker. refreshes page after putting in log in information and refreshes without me being signed in thru epic games. friend made a new profile to test and his account as well after playing on it will not show up when trying to search it.

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I’m having also the same problem. My epic profile dont appear on the page and If i click the “Sign in with epic games” button a epic games id authorize charge in my window and then return to the main page of tracker, but still im not signed in epic games…

Just coming in to hopefully find some answers but same issue here. Can’t be found on site or in app, epic account is classed as linked but im unfindable.

Yeah, there’s a generalized issue with this. I just posted a topic with SS’ and the logs. Hopefully they can figure out.

Thank you for all your reports. We were able to track down the issue on our side. It is fixed now and you should be able to view your stats on our website and in our apps.

If you still cannot get your stats, please let us know and we will look into it again.

I am having this issue. Everything is correct but i get a 404 error code when I try to visit my profile. I have never had this issue until today

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Hello @Dizz0lv and welcome to the TRN forums.

Can you please share your account/user name and platform that you play on (Epic, Steam, XBL, PSN)? I want to see if I can reproduce the issue you’re experiencing.

My epic user name is TTV.Dizz0lv

Thanks, I see what you mean. This seems to be similar to what was happening earlier in this thread. Hopefully TRN can take a look and figure it out like they did last time.

Just to be 100% sure, have you made sure your Epic account is linked to your TRN account on the Linked Accounts page?

I’m having the same issue. Saying my epic doesn’t exist all of the sudden.

Epic is SheShredsWoahh, platform is Xbox…

Edit: I also got a 404 error while live tracking before being unable to view my profile, after it working fine for a few hours prior.

yeah i reset it 3 times

Can confirm this, EPIC accounts returning “404 not found”, others work no problem, e.g PSN.

I’m having this issue too. I’ve used the browser version for a year and never had this problem (even used it last night). I installed the app to see if it would work but I still can’t sign in. My Epic ID is “Aluminum Rank”.

Edit: It seems to be working now. It was either a glitch or something on my end. I linked my account through this website & the app oulled my account up after reopening it.

There were outages on the Epic Games side today, your profiles should work now. Please let us know if the issue still persists.

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It’s still showing that my epic does not exist.

Epic ID is SheShredsWoahh.

Edit: Works in the brower version, not in the app.

@SheShredsWoahh do you mean the mobile app? I’m able to find you in the mobile app without issue.

EDIT: Make sure you have the latest version of the mobile app: Version 3.13.3 for Android just released today, and I had to update in order to open the app and load any data. The IOS app store is still serving the 3.13.2 version, though.