Not able to search for players

Like the title says, I am not able to search players names on the site. When I type in a players name, whatever platform I chose, and press enter, it always says: "We could not find the player ". Every other feature works and I can still go through my recents, my favourites, leaderboards etc. I just can’t seem to be able to search for players specifically. Anyone have a solution for this?

Hi @AcX,

Could you send us a few examples (platform + nickname)? Please note that if you are trying to find a Steam player, you need to use their Steam ID instead of their Steam nickname.

Hi, I’m having this same issue as of March ‘23. I’m not even able to search for well known players, keeping in mind case sensitivity. Can we look into this please?

I’ve used the tracker for 6 months or so and this problem has only been happening for maybe a week or two, just updated to the most recent version of the iOS app and also tried the mobile web version, both searches are not working for me. Can only post one screenshot at a time but here’s my attempted search for a well known player who I already have in my favorites by searching for him previously.

Hi @MoDoccc,

Thank you for your report, we will fix the issue as soon as possible.

This is fixed.