Cant find my profile

i have linked my discord and Twitter, riot game and battlenet. I’m not sure how to find my stats now… I go to search my gamertag and can’t find my acoount(PepegaAndyx3) and its not showing on leaderboard too
\ so what I’m supposed to do

What platform are you playing on?

Thank you

Im playing origin (PC)

According to Origin Directly that username is not in use; can you please screenshot your in-game profile and/or Origin profile page?

Thank you

Sorry for the problems but I just changed my name into UntoastedBrioche to see if it work I would appreciate if u can check again and sorry for the problems

Do me a favour and screenshot your ingame stats when you can; you may have a tracker on we can’t see.

Shall double check.

Thank you

So ?? have u found it i really want too see my stats

Can you please remove the season 9 wins, and season 9 kills trackers? (Leave the standard kills trackers on)

Play a few games to allow Origin/Respawn to update your profile.

Name changes cause lots of issues with the back end for Apex; it’ not something we control

tks for sticking with me

your stats work now.