Cant find myself on leaderboard

Hey guys!
I recently joined tracker and I linked my profil and all. There is just one thing that is bugging me. I can’t find myself on the leaderboard. I search for Kills, PS, Octane and DK. I am supposed to be at 38 but can’t find myself. Anyone who can help or have answers? :smiley:

Me too pls help , my username is Furious_WLK and I am supposed to be 98 . I’m look kill bloodhound, France but I can’t find me .

Hi @XCh33cIClapperX,

Could you send us a link to your profile on our website please?

Hi @Furious_WLK,

If you are using regional leaderboards, please set your country in settings on this page:

As of now, there is no country flag in your profile and we cannot place you in regional leaderboards because of it.

There is no country flag in your profile right now. Could you make sure please that you have your Apex Legends profile linked to your Tracker Network profile on this page? Also, please update your current location on this page.

Hey I updated my geo setting and pressed the update and it said successfully updated your location.

Also I can’t claim my apex profile :frowning: I play on PS and added my PS profile tho.

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iv added my steam acc bc i play on steam and i add my origin but it says my name is wrong and iv checked and its right but it says its wrong

I had my country chosen from very beginning, still don’t see myself on Octane kills leaderboard.

Hi, I set my country in settings already, but my profile didnt show up my country.

Me too, can anyone help fix this?

Please can you provide me with some basic information?

  • Your TRN username
  • The platform you play on
  • The associated gamertag/ID (If you’re on PC we need the Origin ID, not the Steam ID)

Thank you