Cant install overwolf or the tracker

i cant install the tracker,when i click on the programm to install the tracker it doesnt open or somethig

can maybe someone help me?

Which specific app are you looking into here?

Also please make sure you don’t already have the app open; A Wolf Icon should appear like so if the application is already open.


nah i dont got it opened,i deleted every single file and it schouldnt be there or something.
im looking for the overwolf launcher,like the app that u can install on the official website.
also im talking about the valorant thing

I would strongly suggest downloading the latest version of the application from here: Valorant Tracker App - Tracker Network

Once you have the installation package; install from fresh and follow the on-screen instructions.

this is the programm that i downloaded the whole time,it says me taht the previous download was unfinished and its still not working.
but thx for the help

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Having the same issue now, have you fixed it?