Can't link my profile

Can’t link my profile, can’t search any profiles, match recap not working. I have already used the app before and it worked fine, but now nothing works.
Here is my logs DropMeFiles – free one-click file sharing service

Hi @SavantSyndromo,

Could you make sure please that Warzone is enabled in your Overwolf settings?

Hi. Warzone is enabled in my Overwolf. Overlay is working in warzone btw, but the other stuff (profile link, searching profiles) is not working.

Unfortunately, I could not find much useful information in your logs. There is a chance, however, the app was not installed properly. Have you tried to reinstall the app and/or the Overwolf client?

Reinstalled it twice already. I assume it’s maybe about my internet provider problem, because everytime I come to I have to complete Cloudflare captcha, but maybe not, I don’t know.

As I thought my IP is probably blocked (or something like that) by the app for some reason. I can use warzone tracker with VPN on (profile linking, searching profiles etc. are working with vpn). How can I fix that so I can use the app without VPN?

I will contact the team to verify the issue.

@SavantSyndromo what is your actual ip? You can google “what is my ip”.

Hello. My ip is ----- removed.

Thanks. Deleting your post for your privacy.

Can you try to use the app now? Should work. Let us know please.

Yes. Thanks a lot !!!

Hello. I need your help once more. For some reason I can’t see match recap after match. I can see list of players on best player tab, but can’t see their avg. kd, wins, kills, etc (shows zeroes and “Processing” on overview tab everytime). It looks like this:

P.s. just tried to use VPN. And with VPN match recap works fine. Help me pls. I don’t want to use VPN to be able to use the app.

Hello @LostBlood, could you help me pls?

Don’t know if that was your work or not, but anyway from now match recap is working properly even without using VPN and I finally can use without completing cloudflare captcha. Thanks!

Hi @SavantSyndromo,

Sorry for the late reply. It looks like our system was blocking requests from your machine this weekend again, but the issue was resolved automatically. If you get blocked again, please feel free to let us know.

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Hi. It’s not working again.

Please check it again. We disabled Match Recap yesterday by mistake.

Everything works perferctly. Thank you very much!

Hi @LostBlood ,
It seems like my machine is blocked by your system again. Because I can’t see stats of the players in match recap tab after match. It’s showing zeroes as I showed on screenshots before in this thread. I’d be grateful for your help.