Can't log into my overwatch account: "There was an error with an external Overwatch service: ExternalError"

Whenever I try to open my account a message appears that says: “SERVER ERROR
There was an error with an external Overwatch service: ExternalError”
I tried to look up my account instead to claim it, but it says that it doesn’t exist
I have switched my profile to public (The tag is Toughtheguy#2815)


To cover some basics here.

  1. It looks like you can now view your profile: Toughtheguy#2815’s Overwatch Overview Stats - Overwatch Tracker

  2. To claim your account, you can do that here: Tracker Network - Manage Linked Accounts (

If you have any issues claiming it, sometimes it helps to do this on an incognito internet session as it prevents auto-signing-in features, which can occasionally cause problems if, by chance, you have multiple logins.

Let me know if you require further help

Thank you, it works now :slight_smile:

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