Can't upload profile image

I can only upload my profile image once after I subscribed to TRN premium. After the first uploading, any attempts to update my profile image / cover image are failed…I wonder if there’s any way to solve that.

Hi @1mgr,

Could you try again using a different browser or device please? If it does not help, could you show the error message that you see during uploading? I will send it to the team for review.

Changing my explorer from Chrome to Firefox and still exist

Thanks for reply, but the issue still exists.

@1mgr I’ve replied via email but I’ll add the same here:

I’m sorry; I shouldn’t have assumed this was related to Apex Legends on the back of an Origin ID request; that’s on me.

Let’s get this resolved.

  1. Which game specifically are you playing?

  2. I’ve sent you video of how the Avatar process should work. If you are saving the image but it does not show upon a refresh of the page, this is usually a sign that our profanity filter doesn’t like your image. If you send the image to me directly, we can manually upload it.

  3. While your premium is active, you should always be able to upload an avatar.

Thanks for your reply ! I’m sorry for the issue which has taken so much time and my English is not good.

  1. Battlefield 1 / 5 / 2042 / hardline / 4


Here are the 2 images I’m going to use … (The first one is the profile image and the second one is the cover image) Idk if its size is suitable for the profanity filter ( The first one is 300x300 and the second one is 1600x300) I have used photoshop for checking.
3.Thanks for answering!

It is always saying “There was an error saving your settings.Please try again later.”

@1mgr Sadly my suspicions appear to be correct; we will need to manually upload these for you; i’ll ask this be done ASAP.

  1. The simple black bar header image for some reason triggers a flag on our side; you are not the first person with this issue so apologies for this.

  2. Your avatar choice also appears to clash with our system, again I see no issue with the image and will have this manually uploaded for you ASAP.

Thank you

Thank you ! I have successfully uploaded cover image after drawing some items.

The profile image still can’t be upload after I filled it with colors

Here is the profile image I’m going to upload
Thank you for your patience!

Tried 7 versions of image and still unable to upload… :smiling_face_with_tear:
If the profile image is suitable, can you help me to upload it manually ? Thank you !
This is the profile image…

Yes please do! Thank you very much ! :smiling_face_with_tear: