Cant upload profile picture

Keep getting this error when trying to upload profile picture on (
I’ve tried with 5 different pictures and cant upload anything
I have a premium account


Could you confirm that you’re uploading a .jpg or .png image under 1MB in size?

The system to upload profile pictures appears to be functioning correctly.


Yes, i tried uploading one over 1mb and i got an error, so i tried 5 different puctures under 1mb and they all get the failed to save error. I tried both jpg and png for multiple pictures


Could you please open Dev Tools in your browser (for example, you can use Ctrl + Shift + I or other methods such as described in this article for Chrome) and check if any errors (red messages) appear in the Console tab when you upload your avatar?

Also, could you try to upload your avatar using a different browser or device to narrow down the list of possible issues?

This is the error I’m getting, I’ve tried my phone and laptop with multiple browsers, same error every time. I’ve also tried in Incognito mode.

Thank you, could you try again please? We think the issue should be fixed now.

When i upload profile pic, it now says “Your settings have been saved”, but it didnt actually update my profile pic, its still the default. When i refresh the premium settings page, it has my cover image saved to the settings page, but it prompts me to upload a file for my profile pic, as if i didnt do it. I refreshed on app and website, tried uploading multiple times, still default pic