Change gamertag

I have to look up old gamer tag to see stats. why is that when I have my account with new GT on TRN? fix?

Changing gamertag’s/ PSN / Origin ID causes issues due to how data is requested and stored from Respawn.

If you provide me with the follow we can review in due course; sadly this is a slow process due to the amount of people whom keep chasing their account names causing delays but it shall be looked at.

What platform are you on?
Previous gamertag?
Current gamertag?

Thank you

Feel Gnarly was my previous gamertag
hL Gnarly is my current


I have the same issue

OLD : A21-Cristian

Thank you!

I also have the same issue. I am on Xbox. Old gamer tag was TheWolfGuy123, new gamer tag is lxLON3W01Fxl.