Changing your TRN profile avatar!

I know this website (per past users reviews) used to allow the people signed up on their site to customize and change the TRN profile avatar… But I m guess TRN changed their rules? Idk I just hit the bottom on the website that said “feedback or ideas.” It landed me here…

I use the tracker website because I play fortnite… Well I can not stand the avatar for my tracker profile. I didn’t chose it nor would I. I could understand a company only allowing their users to chose it upon signing up initially… Then with a stated warning chose carefully can only be picked once with the free accounts… But no. The only way I can change the picture is if I sign up for a monthly subscription??? That’s a lil bougie, but whatever. I just think it would be more appealing to have the option to change it pick it once. Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi, you do NOT need to subscribe to TRN Premium to change your Fortnite avatar. You only need TRN Premium to use a custom avatar.

Free users can select from a library of Fortnite avatars. You need to link your Epic Games account to your TRN account, visit your profile from a PC, then click “Edit Header” at the top of the profile page.