Cold war Tracker not updating my kills

Hey… So I’ve decided to grind for a top 3 at least from my country (Brazil) on Cold War. The thing is, i currently have 109k kills, but on the leaderboard my activision is not showing, only my battle net gamertag and it stopped updating at around 98k kills. I already checked my privacy settings on both activision and battle net accounts and i tried re-linking them to cod tracker but nothing seems to fix it… Anyone has any idea what’s happening and how to fix it? It really sucks putting all this effort into a grind and not going up on the leaderboard for any unknown reason…

Hi @twitch_DarKNG,

It usually takes some time to update placements and stats in leaderboards since there are millions of players. Regional leaderboards have slower refresh rate than global leaderboards.

If your kills are correct in your profile on our website, please wait a bit longer and let us know if it takes too long.

The kills finally updated… Thank you for the answer. But another thing i noticed is some friends of mine have their activision id displaying, but mine only show the battle net id. I have both of them linked to my profile, why isn’t it showing my Activision nickname? As you know, it helps with promotion and all…

Could you give us links to both of your profiles please?

My is DarK#17469 and my Activision id is "twitch DarKNG#7879871

This is my activision:
And this is the battlenet, i don’t really carw about my battlenet displaying as long as my activision id shows up: