Completely wrong stats

Hi, my tracker is completely wrong it’s showing an account with only plat 3 and 2 and one champ uet i’ve played for significantly more seasons and have the diamond charms and other charms to prove it. i don’t have a playstation account so why is my past seasons on tracker wrong

Hi, it’s likely you are looking at the wrong account, make sure to select the platform you play on before searching for a username. If you are certain you are looking at the correct account, please let me know your username and platform.

Hi, yes the account is not wrong as it is verified with my flag and account and profile photo. the username is N2S and i play on xbox. i have played the game for years yet shows only a few seasons all of which are incorrect ranking. i could load on siege and show the charms to prove it. i’m not sure why it’s wrong

You mentioned a playstation account before. Did you transfer from playstation and expect your stats to carry over to your xbox account? If so, it’s not possible to transfer stats other than your account clearance level.

hi yes no there’s not been a playstation not do i have an account, i mentioned that as i read about it earlier. the stats are just completely wrong. the only right thing is my current season mmr. but all past are wrong

If you confirm you are N2S on Xbox and your in-game level is 225, the seasonal stats are spot on. I’ve just checked them against Ubisoft’s API.

hi yes i’m not sure why they are showing that then i have 2 diamond charms and multiple gold charms too. however the level and other things are correct. just the ranks showing on the front that are wrong. i don’t mind logging on to show every charm i have