Could not find my Apex profile

I am playing with Origin (PC) and my EA ID is on9_hades

Hi @h4d35,

Do you know your Origin nickname? In some cases, it may differ from your EA ID which can be a reason why you cannot find your stats in Apex Legends.

Also, have you changed your nickname recently?

I don’t think I have set nickname before, in my account basic setting, I only filled EA id.

Also my origin account is linked to steam with 川口舞史( Cantonese / Traditional Chinese), even though it should not be related FYI

And uh no.
I have not change ID or anything related to EA account recently
But changed steam name ( Apex Name) about 1 or 2 months ago

Can you please screenshot your in-game profile?

Some trackers can occasionally prevent initial searches on site (We are working on it)

Thank you

This screenshot included my game tag, my profile ( which is steam 川口舞史), EA ID at origin client, and my EA account setting ( linked to steam 川口舞史)

By the way, I couldn’t see Apex Legend in my Origin Game Library, is it one of the reason your tracker network could not find my information? If yes, should I try to run Apex via Origin?

here is my steam account public information by steam ID finder

Here is my friend screen captured for me to prove my Apex account additional platform Origin Name is on9_hades

According to Origin, that profile does not exist; please do me a favour.

Login to Origin and send a friend request to ‘jyml’ this will allow me to check your ID directly and make sure everything adds up.

I’ll ensure to remove you after everything is working.

Thank you

There are 58 results of jyml , I do not know who to send the request.
But I see the search bar that users can be searched by email
maybe could you try to search this email, please?
[email protected]

I’ve sent you a friend request on Apex directly - Accept that when you can.

This morning i’ve looked at a few cases of Origin ID failing to look up players; this may be an Origin issue.

We’re currently looking into matters and I shall reply here again once we know more!

Thank you


Or should I try to change EA ID? If it may fix the problem and be able to look up again

No; please don’t do this :slight_smile:
Changing EA ID’s is one of the biggest headaches we have!

This isn’t a you issue; this is an Origin issue; we’re looking into it!