Couldn't find Headshot percentage stats for Valorant in app

I used to use the web version of to view my stats. I recently decided to install the app for Valorant as I liked the in-game overlays and I noticed that I couldn’t find my headshot percent in app. I could see the headshot percentage stat in the web version, but not in the app. Am I looking in the wrong places or is it actually not visible in-app.

Stats comparison:

As we see, the web-version has more detailed stats compared to the application. Any way to enable all the stats to be displayed?

Hi @VortX0069,

Thank you for your feedback. The current web version has been released recently while the in-app one is still using the basic scoreboard. We will consider adding more stats in the app in the nearest future.

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Thank you for the response. I’d personally love detailed stats in-app. Hope you guys implement it soon <3