Current Fortnite Outage

iOS 17.1.1, Iphone 14 pro max. Says: “Host can’t be null”, when I try to view my Fortnite profile.

Hi, this issue should be resolved. Let us know if you see any further issues.

When trying to view my profile in the app it now says: “An unknown error has occurred”.

Hi @dunco,

What is your current Epic Games username? Can you find your profile on our website?

Yes I can find it on the website. Just not in app. Current username is: NoDunco

Your profile works for me in the app too. Please make sure that your app is up-to-date and you are using the correct username in the app.

I noticed that your Epic Games username is outdated on this page (NotDunco instead of NoDunco):

Most likely, the app is trying to find your old nickname and returns an error as it cannot be found.