Custom window size

Hi, would it be possible to have a resizable window, for both the in-game overlay and also when we click the “switch monitor” button and have the app standalone on a second monitor?

I play 4:3 stretched 1400 x 1080 res in CS2 and when I CTRL+T to overlay the app, half of the app is off the screen and I have to drag it around to view certain parts of the app.

If I could make it smaller then it would solve the issue.


Hi, unfortunately, all of our app windows are fixed in size.

The app’s dimensions are 1280x720, so it should still fit on your screen. Are you using a display scale over 100%?

We don’t technically support any value over 100%, so we recommend you change it to 100%. An alternate solution is “Option 1” from this guide:

I see, I do use 125% scaling in windows because I have a 1440p monitor, text is quite small when using 100% scaling.

Thanks anyways.