Daily streak broken again

I contacted Premium Support yesterday but had no reply. I was on a 32 day daily streak, and I played some matches on Rocket League, but they were not registering on the app. Now my daily streak is broken, which has happened before.

Please can my daily streak be restored?

I should be on a 34 day streak because I played matches yesterday (Friday 22nd March), which have not been recorded in the app.

I have not received any help from Premium/Priority support as of yet.

Edit: I should now be on a 35 day streak, and I’ve still not received any response from Priority support :frowning:

Hi there, did you use the app on these days?

I’m going to dig into this more today. Keep maintaining your streak, I’ll restore it to the correct number after I’ve done some more testing.

Hi Loch, yes I used the app on Friday when it wasn’t registering the games played. I log into the app every day, and I keep it open whilst playing Rocket League.

Thank you Loch. As of today (Monday 25th March) I should be on a 36 day streak.

Streak restored. If you played on the 22nd, it wasn’t reported or recorded in our system. So that’s probably why the streak was broken. Not sure if that was an issue on our end or yours. I’ll assume it was us. Our systems have improved a bit at maintaining streaks, but there are occasional hitches processing matches for Rocket League, so this likely isn’t going to be resolved. In an upcoming release we’ll be giving Mythic players some goodies each week, which will help you maintain your streak in case something goes wrong.

Well, it’s happened again :tired_face: Today my profile should say day 43 streak. Instead, I have logged in and it’s been completely reset to 0! :angry:

Please can you restore my daily streak to 43?

My 43 day streak has been restored, and I have played some matches today, but it is failing to register today’s matches - so it’s stuck on 43 but it should now be 44.

It’s now resolved and it’s registered some games today, so I have my 44 day streak maintained.

My streak is broken again :disappointed:
The games that I played yesterday (Friday 12th April) did not register. It is now Saturday 13th April and I am missing my 55 day streak. Screenshots below. Please can you fix this?

@DustyJaneway Hi! We’re aware of Streaks breaking quite frequently with Rocket League; it’s challenging to resolve. However, your forum post has been discussed internally with our development team.

Keep playing as you would normally; we’re working to make these streaks more stable. We’ll keep people posted :slight_smile:

Thank you, and if it breaks again always feel free to post it here

Thank you for continuing to investigate the missing daily streak problems. As of today (Sunday 14th April) I should be on a 56 day streak - close to getting my 60 day streak badge. Please can this be restored?

Edit: As of today (Monday 15th April) I should be on a 57 day streak - still waiting for my daily streak to be restored.

Keep playing as usual; the issue with streaks, specifically on Rocket League, was discussed as something we need to look at. I’ll ping the dev who is working on this when they’re active to make sure your streak keeps going.


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@DustyJaneway I’m sure you’re aware at this point that we fixed the streak for you. The problem is a deeper issue up stream from us – the data we’re getting from Psyonix is corrupt. We’ve confirmed this with other stats sites. Unfortunately there’s not much we can do about this at this time. If you’re keen on continuing your streak, we’re now doing weekly rewards for players in the form of XP boosts and streak shields amongst other things, these are tools you could use to keep the streak alive when something like this happens. We realize this is far from ideal. We’ve reached out to Psyonix to try and get an acknowledgement of the issue on their end.