Daily streak error reset from 28 days to 1

Android 11. Realme 6

After 28 days of grinding daily streak I got error and had to log in again but my daily streak reset to 1.

Hi, sorry to hear that. We’re still ironing out some of the kinks in our new system. As a courtesy I’d be happy to set your streak back to 28 days, but I’m unable to find your account. What’s the username of the TRN account you’re signed in with on your phone?

Found it. I see you’re on a 2 day streak again so I’ve set your current streak to 29.

Hi Loch,

I have the same issue i had a streak of 25 days and i played multiple matches on the 26th day on Tuesday 24th of October. My streak has been resetted to 1.
Can you please fix that for me.

Thank you in advance.


I’ve updated your streak as a courtesy. It sounds like you did not open the app on the 26th day? Is that correct? You must open the app, view your profile and visit the XP area in order for the matches you play to be counted towards your streak. We may adjust these requirements in the future but it would be helpful to me if you could confirm that you did not in fact complete these steps. Thanks.

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Hi Loch,

Thank you so much! Honestly, i’m not sure. Yesterday was a chaotic day for me and i know i have opened up the app. But im not sure if it was before or after playing the matches.
Anyways thanks again!

Yours sincerely,

Michael, Dragon_Rāvēr

Hi loch, i have the same issue, i had 19 strike days, and yesterday i played, Im from Portugal so my English is not the best, i could not find my account, but my Nick name in fortnite is FNX RoadToGlory , i swear on my life i played yesterday, and my stryke as been reseted

Can you please fix that for me

In this print :point_up: i played yesterday and it just counted now i don’t know why, i cant put more prints because i created this account now but i have more

Just started using this app last week and u can’t seem to continue with my streak?

What’s up @Loch

I got knocked down from 150 day streak to 38 today. I had a 6x multiplier now it’s 2.3. Just letting you know, thanks brother.


Thanks. Should be fixed in a few minutes.

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