Deleted Highlights from a different folder


I have a question about the highlight function.
It automatically records up to 50 gb for me. However whenever I have a clip I want to save I move it to another folder on the same spot where the rest of the clips are recorded (ex. D: Valorant Clips > Valorant Tracker > Valorant > The folder with good clips/ Valorant clip per match).
I just checked my last match bc of a good clip, but I discovered that nearly all of my videos in the folder with good clips have been deleted. At the last match I did reach the 50gb/50gb allocated size.
So TL:DR does valorant tracker delete saved clips even if the folder name is different, if yes: is there a way to get the clips back? If no: what could have happened to those clips bc I didnt delete them?

Thanks and have a good day,